Masters’ Message

February & March 2020

Brethren of Kirkwood Lodge,

We have reached the New Year and I hope each of you had an enjoyable Holiday Season and received all the presents and visits you hoped for.

With a New Year comes new goals. We will again be participating in the ritual grading. Step-up night, with the Senior and Junior Wardens serving in the East. Past-Master’s Night. Family Day at Kirkwood Park…and much more. Hopefully you’ll find something that will draw you back to the Lodge.

Congratulations are extended to John W. Thousand, Jr., Robert R. Thousand and Fred W. Ruegg, Jr. who have obtained the amazing goal of 70 years of service this year. There are several more that are near that mark. Their service to our Organization and our community are appreciated by all.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bret A. Akers, WM