Masters’ Message

April 2023


Brethren. In my March letter to the members I wanted to give you some idea of the issues that are currently affecting our lodge. Since that letter, there have been a several meetings to discuss the options we have to bring the lodge back to its previous strength. The most frequent comments were that we need to make a better effort to communicate with the members and inform you of what is happening with the lodge. Hopefully, this will be remedied in the future beginning with a Trestleboard every 2 months.

Another concern that was brought up is the lack of an advancing line. Currently, there is no pool to choose from to fill next years officer positions. Please consider coming back to the lodge and if you desire go up the chairs. I am hoping that better communication with you will help bring you back to the lodge.
If you have any questions, you can contact me at 314-623-1812.

Rick Bauer
Worshipful Master


Masters’ Message

March 2023

Brethren All,

It is my honor to serve as Master of Kirkwood Lodge #484, and too my duty to be on the level with you. Our lodge is in trouble. We have so few attending lodge meetings, that we have been unable to have designated stewards for a few years, and have few members to fill the side chairs. The officer line of progression is desperately thin which relates to few brothers attending and participating in our lodge.

We need your participation. Your dedication and devotion in supporting our lodge by your dues
payments indicates you believe in our institution and want it to flourish. That is appreciated, but
doesn’t remedy our situation.

We are faced with few choices in the next months. We can get members to return to lodge, participate in the much needed financial struggles by helping with fund raisers, contributions or attracting new Masons. Alternatively, we can look into merging with another lodge, surrender our charter and encourage growth of our fraternity. The other alternative is to surrender our charter, not merge, have the Grand Lodge seize our assets and every member find another lodge.

The ideal choice is to rebuild a robust lodge through participation and growth. Merging with another lodge assures the assets of Kirkwood Lodge #484 will be used by a thriving lodge and encourage Masonry at large. The last choice is much less than ideal.

These choices are yours to make and to help you make an informed decision, I am calling a meeting for Saturday, April 1st at 1:00 pm at Kirkwood Masonic Temple. If need be, I can schedule a 2nd meeting to accommodate those brothers who are unable to attend the first one. This meeting is not to take the finale vote but to present you with the facts and allow you to ask questions and state any concerns you may have. A vote of all members is required, and such a choice will be coming to you soon. I encourage you to voice your opinions, your support of our Lodge, and Masonry.

Fraternally yours,

Rick Bauer, Worshipful Master

November 2022


Masters’ Message

September 2022

Brothers. I am very excited about being your Worshipful Master for this year. Some of my priorities are to get you, the members, to come back to the lodge and enjoy the fellowship of your brothers. To do that I am committed to increase our communication with you and this Trestle Board is the first of my priorities. The other two months of the quarter we will be sending it by email. If your email address or any of your information has changed, please let us know at:

Or you can leave us a message on our Facebook page:

Kirkwood Lodge No. 484 A.F.& A.M.



Rick Bauer

Worshipful Master